Our Guide to Choosing at-Homecare

We have supported residents of North London for over 30 years with their at-Homecare needs whilst remaining in familiar surroundings.

The ever-changing world of at-Homecare services, coupled with the knowledge we have acquired over that time has resulted us in producing an at-Homecare guide.

The aim of our guide is to help demystify any questions or concerns that you may have in choosing the right at-Homecare option for you or your loved one.

10 Questions You Should Ask Potential at-Homecare Providers

We appreciate that choosing the right at-Homecare service can be a stressful situation, especially if you are looking on behalf of a loved one.

We have put together 10 key questions that you should ask in helping you reach your final decision.

Our service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the body responsible for ensuring quality standards in health and social care.

We are a network partner of the Carers Trust and use their policy framework to ensure that we are delivering care of the highest quality.

We are an approved supplier to the London Borough of Barnet and also deliver support to adult and young carers on contract to the authority.

Our 10 Key at-Homecare Questions

Question 1

What charges, if any, will I be expected to pay?

Question 2

What services are charged as extras?

Question 3

Have your carers looked after someone with similar care needs to me?

Question 4

If the Local Authority is contributing to my care can I see a copy of the agreement they have with you?

Question 5

Will the carer visit in an agreed time slot and will they tell me if they are delayed or running late?

Question 6

What sort of training do your carers get?

Question 7

How can I contact you during the day, in an emergency, or outside of office hours?

Question 8

If I am paying for my own care, do you have a standard contract/ terms & conditions that I can read before signing?

Question 9

How will you choose the most suitable carer for me?

Question 10

How often will my support plan get reviewed?

The care services that Barnet Carers Centre provides are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  We were inspected in October 2017 and were rated as Good.

Everyone we spoke with said they thought they were treated with respect and had their dignity maintained.

Staff, we spoke with, were very clear that treating people well was a fundamental expectation of the service.

Staff comments include “I’m always kind and just simply respect people” and “We make sure we have time for them, hold their hand if necessary to encourage and reassure them.”

Our at-Homecarers

Some of our at-Homecarers have been with us for many years, supporting clients with their needs whilst remaining in their own homes.

Whilst we believe a client and an at-Homecarer should be allocated together to build a bond of trust and friendship, we like to take the continuity of care idea to the next level. By ensuring that you get to know more than one off at-Homecarers ensures that the quality of care is continued, should a particular at-Homecarer may be on holiday or ill.

Training for at-Homecarers

All our at-Homecarers have completed training across a broad range of homecare related aspects from Equality & Diversity through to Dementia Awareness training. Refresher courses are also attended to ensure that all our at-Homecarers’ knowledge is current.

at-Homecarers as your friends

Companionship may be a specific care task you or your loved one may be requiring. Our at-Homecarers are asked to provide a listening ear whenever they can – as we want to get to know you better in terms of your likes and dislikes or what may be troubling you.

Personable at-Homecarers

All our at-Homecarers are expected to treat you with dignity and respect, as if they were a guest in your home. They will arrive on time and ensure that the care tasks are completed, with a level of politeness we all come to expect.

“I have used a couple of local services but the care provided by Barnet Home Carers has been second to none.  My mother is always genuinely excited and happy to see her carer.  Something that reassures me that I have made the right decision.”

Rhonda Oliver

Carer for her mother

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