Our at-Homecarers

To help us fulfil our promise in supporting Brent residents to continue living in their homes, we rely on a group of compassionate individuals. This group of individuals are our at-Home carers.

Our at-Home carer team are on the front-line in providing the quality of at-Home care service that we promise to continually deliver on a daily basis.

Some of our at-Home carers have been with us for many years and have helped people we have supported, maintain their quality of life or encourage them to consider ways by which their quality of life may be improved.

In getting feedback from our at-Home care workers, they can see how their work is benefitting the people they support.


Reasons we believe you should consider a career with us at Brent Home Carers

London Living Wage

We rely on our team of at-Homecarers who support our clients living in the Borough of Brent who have entrusted in us our aim to continue living within their own homes.

That is why we take great pride in stating that we pay all our at-Homecarers who work for us the London Living Wage.

Advantage Training

We ensure that all our at-Home care workers have attended a comprehensive training programme, provided by Advantage Training. This is completed as part of an at-Home care worker’s induction as well as renewed training during their time at Barnet Home Carers.

Modules include:

  • Dementia awareness
  • Person-centred care and support
  • Adult safeguarding
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Promoting dignity in care

at-Home carer ‘Champions’

In looking to continual develop the service and enpowering our at-Home care workers, we are looking to appoint a number of ‘Champions’.

These ‘Champions’ will be given areas that are common-place within homecare services. Their responsibilty will be to keep themselves informed of the latest policy developments or working practices thereby being a point of information for the other at-Home carers who may want to know more or seek advice.

Team Meetings & Supervisions

To ensure that our at-Home carers can be provided with the latest information by our management team, they are required to attend regular supervision meetings as well team meetings.

These meetings, whether it be on an individual basis or the wider group, allow either party to raise any concern or relay on any updated working practices that may have resulted from statutory communications or learnings from incidents that may have happened.

“The Barnet Carers way is based on family.  We see ourselves as one big, extended family and we make sure that we care like family.  That is what we ask from our staff and that is what we deliver”

Donia Arnall, Homecare Service Manager

The care services that Barnet Carers Centre provides are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  We were inspected in October 2017 and were rated as Good.

Everyone we spoke with said they thought they were treated with respect and had their dignity maintained.

Staff, we spoke with, were very clear that treating people well was a fundamental expectation of the service.

Staff comments include “I’m always kind and just simply respect people” and “We make sure we have time for them, hold their hand if necessary to encourage and reassure them.”

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